I survived my 55th birthday. It was Jan. 3. I got to go out for sushi and tempura in Hesperia, CA.

All of my live journal accounts are getting spammed to death. I am on dial-up now and can't even get into most of them to delete all the Spam. I'm thinking of deleting all of them except for this one, or maybe leaving live journal altogether if they can't keep the spammers off of it. I don't have any spam  on Blogger, so I know it can be done.

Spammers, what can I say?

The spammers have found me. I just deleted four videos, in a foreign language, all from different screen names but obviously coming from the same network. I guess LiveJournal can't block every lunatic out there. Just keep dancing. Just keep dancing

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Once I sit at the computer the next thing I know 2 or 3 hours have gone by and the household thinks I fell off the edge of the world.  So this morning, I worked before playing.  I ran the dishwasher, turned the side of my file cabinet into a memo board and calendar, put new tools on the pegboard I just installed, and did my new 45 minute workout and gave the neighbors an eyeful.

I Miss Sunnymead

I'm feeling nostalgic today. I grew up in Sunnymead, CA, which no longer exists. It was absorbed by Moreno Valley. Back then we had an old house on 1/4 acre on a long street with only a few homes. Now of course that area is like any other urban sprawl. But back then we had a lovely hill behind our house and we spent many hours hiking up to it, wandering over dirt roads, watching people raise their kids and their horses, and baking in the summer sunshine. I feel most comfortable living in places that are 'not quite city, not quite country'.  It's a happy in between zone. I hope I get to live somewhere like that again someday. I'd like to have an acre, a barn, a few goats, a few chickens, and have no neighbors within spitting distance.

It looked like this when I lived there, more or less.

I believe this is the house next door to where I lived:,-Moreno-Valley,-CA-92557/S686651 If so I remember them building it and I was so sad there was no longer a vacant lot next door to me where I could fly kites and play with my dog.
Anyone want to lend me $160,000? Heck, the monthly payments for that house are less than I pay now.

Random Update

How funny that my last post was about a year ago and it was about Todai. I hardly ever go there and I just went there on Jan. 3 for my birthday. Their food is consistantly excellent and the staff is great.

I realized tonight that I'm spending way too much time on Facebook, and there are other venues I never go to much, like Live Journal. Yet I hesistate to connect that site to this one. Why am I so open in some places and so closed in others?

I've been working hard on my freelance writing, trying to figure out Google Adsense and boost my income back to a living wage.  It's not easy. I'm spending a lot of time writing for Hubpages, Squidoo, and a new site called Wizzly or Wizzy or some strange name. I posted one article there.  If anyone wants to start throwing money my way, I'm definitely going to head in that direction.

I have six Etsy shops now, most of them virtually empty. I hate pouring all my energy into non-productive things. But even earning a few pennies is better than earning nothing. So I want to get some things listed for Valentine's Day, the next holiday people might be shopping for.

My New Year's resolutions are avoiding fast food as much as I can. If I'm a passenger and I get dragged there I'll eat, but I'm not going to initiate any trips my self, and since I don't have a motorized vehicle anymore, I'll be less tempted.

I've started riding my bike again too, which isn't so much a resolution, as a desperate measure to stop gaining weight. Darn menopause anyway.  As if the deck wasn't already loaded against me.

Let's see, what else.  I have 84 blogs on Blogger. I just updated them all. One of my resolutions is to keep better track of those. I swear I need secretary.

I just posted a new VLOG to youtube. Busy busy. But today I was such a slacker. I didn't even take a daily self portrait. It's not midnight yet so I guess I'll go do that now. Catch you later (if anyone is stilil reading).



Eating at Todai was a treat  yesterday. The staff is so friendly, and the food is prepared to be as beautiful as possible. I had salmon sushi and tuna sushi and tempura.  And I saved my scallop shells. I like to use them to decorate planters and as wind chimes.


I need to remember to post here for those of my friends who aren't on Facebook.
I'm glad I got a lot of Internet work done yesterday, because I have no energy today. I kept waking up all night, and now I can't sit anywhere for ten minutes without dozing off.  Which is a shame because we are about to go to one of my favorite restaurants, which is Todai.
Ack, I just dozed off again.
It's a wet and rainy day here in Anaheim. Yesterday I was dying to go to Todai, but we had too much to do and the buffet costs more on weekends.  So we made the mature decision to wait for today. Only today is cold and wet and I'm tired and lacking in motivation. That's one problem when you work with a schedule instead of being spontaneous.

The rain seems to have let up a bit.  I should check Weatherunderground and see what the forecast is.


Making Money on the Internet

Every day I spend some time trying to make money on the Internet.  I write for Hubpages, Squidoo, RedGage, Gather, and a few others. I just wish it was enough to live on. Still, I appreciate what I get and it's enough to keep my head above water. It's creative and I get to use my photography skills and plug my shops on Etsy, Zazzle and Cafe Press. I hate being at the mercy of Google's algorithms though. They never seem to shift in a direction that makes me more money. I have about 80 blogs on Blogger, but took all my Google Adsense ads off of them.  I just felt like they were only making pennies and it wasn't worth all the clutter on my blogs.